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EMFWELD – online compliance with the EU EMF Directive (2013/35/EU)

EMFWELD is an online service helping companies comply with EU Directive 2013/35/EU. The directive (which became law on 1 July 2016) sets out legal requirements on worker exposure to electromagnetic fields in the workplace.

EMFWELD can assess arc (MIG/MAG/TIG), stud and resistance welding processes as well as magnetic particle inspection (MPI) and induction heating. Assessments are based on equipment geometry, worker position and the process parameters. Assessments produced by EMFWELD use the weighted peak method described in the directive.

No installation is required as all assessments are performed online with downloadable reports provided.

EMFWELD represents a cost-effective alternative to subcontracting a third-party assessment using specialised equipment. Its reports can contribute to a risk assessment and action plan as part of a health and safety compliance system.

You can evaluate EMFWELD for free. Simply request an account and you could be using EMFWELD within minutes.

For more information, see the About EMFWELD page.